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Prize Claim Form

Prize claim instructions:

1. The prize-winner of a lottery shall surrender the prize-winning ticket within 30 days of the draw with all necessary documents.
2. A ticket holder forfeits any claim to a prize for a draw game after the expiration of the 30th day following the draw date.
3. Prizes above Nu. 10,000 to be claimed from the Royal Bhutan Lottery Limited Office in Phuentsholing.
4. Prizes of Nu.10,000 and below to be claimed from the respective Regional Sales Agent.
5. Prize winning tickets shall be surrendered at the RBLL office in presence of the Chief Executive Officer ( Above Nu. 10,000) or at the Regional Sales Agent office (Nu. 10,000 and below) with the following documents:
  a.  Duly filled in claim application form along with a photocopy of both sides of the ticket, self-attested. (claim form to be downloaded from www.rbll.bt)
  b. Two passport size photographs of the prize winner duly attested.
  c. Valid copy of the Citizenship ID card/photo ID to be duly attested. Original to be shown at the time of claiming the prize.
6. The prize winning ticket shall be surrendered to the Chief Executive Officer, RBLL in good condition. Tampered or mutilated tickets will be rejected. The Officer passing the prize claim is liable to ascertain the genuineness of the tickets before disbursing the amount of each claim.
7. One winning ticket shall not be entitled for multiple prize claims.
8. RBLL or the Regional Sales Agent shall disburse the prize money only after receiving the certificate of authenticity of the lottery ticket from the concerned printing firm as and when deemed necessary.
9. In cases of serious doubt on the genuineness of tickets, the report of forensic science laboratory shall be resorted to. If the ticket is not genuine, all fees for the verification shall be borne by the prize claimant himself.
10. Criminal proceedings shall be initiated as per prevailing laws against those who produce forged tickets.
11. RBLL or the Regional Sales Agent shall not be liable to pay prizes on tickets lost in postal transit, defaced or mutilated.
12. RBLL or the Regional Sales Agent shall disburse prize money for accepted genuine claims after making necessary deduction of Income Tax (TDS) as per prevailing rules.

             Claims are subject to applicable laws, rules, procedures and final decisions of the Chief Executive Officer, RBLL.

IMPORTANT: DON'T purchase a "winning ticket" from a stranger. The ticket may be stolen, altered, fake, or the prize may already be paid.

Download Prize Claim Form 

Lottery Winners

CONGRATULATIONS to Phuensum Dharim December, 2016 Winners

1st Prize (Nu. 1 Million) Winner - Mr. Pema Singye, Mechanic, Tsheltrim Workshop, Thimphu
2nd Prize ( Nu. 500,000) Winner - Ms. Eblica Dungana, Sales Girl, Wangdiphodrang.
3rd Prize (Nu. 200,000 Winner)-Claimed

CONGRATULATIONS to the three Winners of National Day Special Bumper Lottery Dec, 2016.

1st - Mr. Karma Gyeltshen, Sr. Manager, Bhutan Tourism Corp. Ltd. Thimphu. 
2nd - Mr. Bal Bahadur Rai, Driver, Damphu Central School. Tsirang. 
3rd - Mr. Tek Nath Pokhrel, Pest Controller, A TO Z Services, Thimphu.


Lottery Results

  1. Phuensum Dharim Monthly Lottery (7th Draw Date: 31 May, 2017) Download
  2. Phuensum Dharim Monthly Lottery (6th Draw dated 30th April 2017) Download
  3. Phuensum Dharim Monthly Lottery (5th  Draw Date: 31st March, 2017) Download

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